Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's horse show season!

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I can't tell you all how excited I am for the KCDS Kickoff Competitions next weekend! I have a brand new display, tons of cool new ideas, and lots and LOTS of fun stuff planned! If you are showing, here are a few things to note:

- If you want your rides photographed by SDP, you WILL need to sign up with us. This can be done anytime there's someone at our booth (which should be just about any time you're around!) Sign up is free.
- We have LOTS and LOTS of cool stuff planned. Stop by our booth and find out exactly what! I promise everyone will like! :)
- We have a backdrop available to us for still shots with your ribbons, or just a portrait of your horse. If you'd like SDP to take one of these shots, just stop by and ask! Even if I'm shooting in the arena, we have back-up gear (and a back-up person) that can handle these shots.
- Have a young greenie and worry about a photographer scaring him/her, but still would like pictures? Never fear! I am open to all kinds of requests, such as shooting only when you're at the opposite half of the arena from me (minimizing shutter noise), or even shooting from the stands if you have rides in Hale arena! Your horse will never even know I'm there.
- Did I say we have lots of COOL things planned?

I'll see you next weekend!