Friday, January 16, 2009

Award time!

I was thrilled to find out that SD Photo won numerous awards in the Iowa Department of Transportation's photography contest. I was in Iowa several times last year for fly-ins and airshows and had a lot of really great shots from those events. So I figured awards, great, good for the studio, publicity, etc. right? But then they sent me a huge stack of these really cool calendars, which had several of my shots within including this one on the cover:


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. A new year brings lots of new and exciting things to Sarah Dickerson photography. The calendar is filling up - actually better than I had hoped for! If you are interested in booking a horse show or wedding, please inquire for rates and availability - my Saturdays are starting to fill!

I'm very excited about some of the things we have in store for this year. I will be bringing at-show proofing on the road in 2009 to a horse show near you - meaning you can see and order proofs right at the show, schedule permitting. This will be available at all shows longer than one day, and available at one day shows subject to show scheduling. Look for our booth and stop by! As per usual, we also will offer online proofing after the show - and we get those photos up QUICKLY so check back often if you don't see them yet!

In an effort to do our part during the hard economic times our country is facing right now, I've kept prices down this year. What that means is that you will find print prices that are well below industry average. We will also be offering some at-show specials and periodic email specials.

If you're curious as to where we are headed, check the calendar section on our website. Oh and did I mention website? I'm SUPER excited about the website as it will be expanding dramatically in the next few weeks. I will be adding two distinct sites - an equine site and a wedding/people photography site - both linked from my main "splash" page. So my address will remain the same for all of my work - you'll just choose where to head from there - equine, people, or this blog.

And last but certainly not least, I've made it a point to upgrade equipment this winter. I won't get into tech-speak, but in layman's terms I've upgraded my Canon equipment to the best of the best, both in camera bodies and in lenses. I really look forward to giving it a good workout this year.

I'll have some more updates in the coming days, until then, stay warm!