Sunday, July 12, 2009

Missouri Dressage Classic - some brief notes

One of the things I love about my photography is the wide variety of subjects I photograph. As you can see from the posts below this one, I've been on a tear with weddings and human portrait sessions lately. Well, this past weekend I had to shift gears back to equine work with the Missouri Dressage Classic.

I just literally got home and am already beginning editing - so exhibitors, be patient and keep checking my main website (click the proofing link!) regularly as I will be posting riders by alphabetical order, last name. I should have all riders up no later than Thursday evening - as I have three, count 'em THREE weddings next weekend!

I hope I was able to photograph all of the exhibitors who wished to be photographed. I'll have a full-blown blog on the show up shortly with some of my favorite shots from the weekend, but here's a sneak preview for you of Nicole Bellah and the lovely Sydney, winners of Saturday night's Prix St. Georges Jackpot. More to come shortly!!