Friday, June 19, 2009

Carriage and Driving Society Events at Longview this Weekend!


I've got a weekend super duper chock-full of equine photography goodness! I'll be at Longview Horse Park both days, on Saturday shooting the Carriage and Driving Society of Greater Kansas City's 26th Annual Pony Express Show. It's a jam-packed schedule of 41 classes! As such, we will NOT be doing win photos at this show in the interest of getting you all out of there before everyone misses dinner and starts getting hungry and grumpy. If you'd like a shot with your blue ribbon (or blue ribbonS if you're super cool), grab me during a break and I'd be more than happy to oblige!

Sunday we'll be doing a new event for the Carriage and Driving Society, a one-day driving trial. This is like a super-condensed and watered-down-into-one-day combined driving event. I am very excited to be able to shoot this!

We will be set up in the gazebo with our proofing monitor so at ANY time during either show, feel free to stop by and view and even order your enlargements! Saturday's photos will be up during the event Sunday as well. We also have photos from prior Pony Express Shows I've shot, so don't be shy in asking to see them! I just ask that you realize that in my over-zealous attempts to provide supercool customer service, the photos from Saturday and Sunday as you see them are unretouched, un-color-corrected, not other words, I have not sprinkled them with magic photo powder yet. :) To see photos that look a bit tidier, go to my proofing site after the show and there they will be! I will put the Pony Express show photos up first, so driving trial competitors, be patient - it may be towards weeks' end before you see yours. I promise as usual I will work as fast as I can!

See you tomorrow morning at Longview!