Thursday, June 25, 2009

Carriage and Driving Club of Greater Kansas City Driving Trial

Next to be completed and added to my proofing site this week is the Carriage and Driving Club's Driving Trial, held Sunday June 21st. It was the second of two events held by the club last weekend, the first being their Pony Express show on Saturday. Although I have seen a CDE before (even scribed for the dressage!), I've never photographed a driving event before. THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. The first thing I noticed was the camaraderie and FUN between the competitors. So much so that I wish some other horse sports would follow suit. Maybe the larger competitions aren't like this...I would not know...but I can say it was a breath of fresh air!

And speaking of air...and breath...during the afternoon obstacle runs, it got HOT. I mean dead-still-take-your-breath-away HOT. Yours truly started getting that tingly-nauseous I'm about to get heat exhaustion feeling with that black camera smashed against my face! But it didn't stop me from getting the below photos. As usual, the complete event is posted in my proofing galleries.





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Aaaand...that's all folks on the equine photography blogging until I join you from the Columbia Dressage and Combined Training Association's Missouri Dressage Classic in Columbia, Missouri July 10-12, which I will be photographing. In the meantime...I have 5 weddings in the next month! So wedding photography fans...stay tuned, as the blog will take a shift here starting next week!