Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Airline History Museum Hangar Dance - pics coming!!

The second event I shot last Saturday was the Airline History Museum's spring hangar dance. This dance is held twice per year and as I've gushed in previous blog postings (such as here), is SO much fun. The dances feature the big band and swing sounds of the Moonlight Serenade Orchestra - a band that's near and dear to my heart as they played at our wedding reception - and are increasingly well-attended, with an estimated 500 in attendance at Saturday's event.

I shot the event and am working on photos as we speak. They will be on my proofing site this week and may be purchased. As advertised at the dance, 50% of all proceeds from the sales of these images will be donated directly back to the museum - I'm basically covering my costs and donating the rest. If you aren't a member and are an airplane buff, I HIGHLY recommend joining the organization and becoming a volunteer -they need more help! You can stay up-to-date on museum happenings on their blog.

Here's a sneak preview. I'm hurrying!

UPDATE Wednesday 5/20: The first section of photos are up here! The rest should be up by the end of the evening.