Wednesday, April 22, 2009

William Woods Dressage this weekend plus new show on schedule

Sarah Dickerson Photography will be covering the William Woods Spring Dressage Show at the William Woods University Campus in Fulton, Missouri this weekend (the 25th/26th of April). We will have proofs available for viewing at our table (in the show office area) beginning Saturday afternoon. This show is very full and very hectic, with a start at 7am and going until 7pm (or later) each day with no lunch break and one 10 minute break every two hours. Therefore, it is understandably going to be very hectic for us as I will be in the arena almost that entire time. Please be patient when it comes to your proofs - we will get them onto the computer and ready for you to view as quickly as possible, but especially Saturday there may be a fairly good lag time in getting them up for you. Don't forget, all proofs will be online as soon as possible after the show as well - so if your show schedule precludes you viewing proofs at the show, never fear, as proofs will be on my proofing site ( for at least the rest of 2009. As I am showing my own horse at the KCDS show the following weekend, you can be sure I am motivated to get your proofs online as quickly as possible!! :)

Please note I've also added another dressage show to my calendar - I will be photographer for the Iowa Dressage Classic to be held at the beautiful just-opened facility, the Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center in Cumming, Iowa on October 3rd and 4th.

See you in Fulton this weekend!