Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New SDP identity

Ever since I decided to sit down and file paperwork to become Sarah Dickerson Photography, LLC, I've been struggling with my identity. No, not my PERSONAL identity...the business identity. I'm a graphic designer by education and a marketer by creating collateral and marketing myself is second nature. I have been STRUGGLING with a logo though...I've not been happy with anything I've done. The business grew in 2008 way more than I ever thought too - many more shooting opportunities than I ever thought I'd had - so I kind of had to band-aid my marketing and promotion as I went along. Now, as I have two weddings behind me, have my first horse show of the season in two weeks then kick into full swing, I'm more organized.

Here's the new SDP logo. Below are business cards for my two distinct ventures - my "people" photography and my equine photography. PLEASE..let me know what you think!

The website remodel and expansion is coming along VERY well and about all that is left is to set up the galleries for the equine portion - I really have just a bunch of random photos thrown in as placeholders and not necessarily the ones I'd choose for portfolio representation.

Here we are:

From collateral

From collateral

From collateral

Next up? Finishing event display system design! No, I'm not staying busy at all!