Friday, May 23, 2008

KCDS Dressage Show - more learning

A couple of weeks ago I was exhibiting a horse at the Kansas City Dressage Society show at Longview Horse Park in Kansas City. While my schedule was quite hectic, and the weather was super chilly (meaning, I went home for the afternoon on Saturday between my morning and late day ride, because it was THAT COLD), I did find time to sit in the stands for a small handful of rides and practice.

Every time I've shot equines, I've worked very hard on getting my timing exact so that I frame the horse's stride exactly as I want - in other words, I don't like having to "ride the shutter" (depress the shutter so it is shooting several frames per second) to get the photo I want. I want total control over what I am trying to achieve, at all times, and not relying on the camera to do it for me.

For sure, I had some flubbed shots (the point of practice is to learn!), but I really was starting to get some good timing down. Here are a few of my shots from Sunday.